Like Warm Honey?

He's Kurtis. She's Jay. Yes, she was born female, thank you for asking (jerk.) 


Kurtis is a native Utahan and ex-Mormon who has mad love for The Rock, the gym, cars (German) and plenty of things we're not allowed to mention here. He's super tall and one hand is bigger than Jay's face. Don't f*ck with him, Utah.


Jay is an often stereotypical LA girl who (begrudgingly) resides in Utah... part time. A life-long nomad, Jay loves jets/flying, cars (German) and travel. She has her sights set on a flying car for Christmas, 2019. (That's a hint, Dad. Yes, I know I already got a car in 2018. This is different.)


Together, these two love making fun of Utah, talking about anything (everything?) and enjoying a general lack of boundaries. They're well aware they will offend someone. #SorryNotSorry. Humour and sarcasm are the only rules in their vocabulary... beyond that, they'll make their own, thank you.