Who are you guys? 

The Rock, Rainbow-Effing-Brite and our dog, Starlite. Is it that hard to read our About page?!


What is, 'WTF, Utah?!'

WTF Utah?! is a podcast that asks, well... 'What the eff, Utah?!' Why? Because Utah is weird. Everything about it lends itself to satire, sarcasm, unintentional irony, accidental comedy and a general level of 'WTF?!' stupidity on a near daily basis*.


**If this statement offends you, you probably won't like our Podcast. Byeee.


What is a Podcast?

Nope. We're not going there. Ask your ward. Or call your dad.


Are you guys actually funny?

Um. Are you?


What do you do other than make fun of Utah?

We enjoy endless nights of no sex and endless board games. Oh. And we drink a lot. Typically, Kool-Aid.


Why don't you move?

You're still here, aren't you? We can't irritate people in LA. They're used to us.


hOW do I contact You?

That depends on what you want... That said, our Contact page is a good place to start.